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Welcome to the Fantasy Freaks Forum. If you love to read fantasy books or discuss life with other fantasy book lovers, you've just found the best site on the 'net (yes, I'm biased). Our main attraction is the Forum; a bulletin board where members discuss novels, movies, life, love, music, and anything else that flows through our brains into our fingertips. It's important to note that while we are dedicated fantasy lovers, the board is a place to discuss and socialize so it is often off-topic. Make sure you read the Rules before you begin posting.

Other features include:

  • Chat--A wonderful place to meet your friends and have a good time.
  • Members--A list of our members including contact info, bios and pics. Membership is open to anyone who makes a sincere effort to participate in the community.
  • Links--A work in progress containing links to major author websites, publisher sites, and various other fantasy sites.
  • Upcoming Publications--Release dates of some fantasy titles that our members seem interested in.
  • Recommended Reading--Our members recommend their favorite fantasy books.
  • Book Club--Every month or so some of us vote on a book to read and discuss together on the forum.
  • Freak outs and Socials--A lot of people in this community have met each other in person. Here are their experiences.
  • Book Reviews--Members of the site review books they've read. Anyone is welcome to submit a review (they can be outside of the fantasy genre)
  • Torgal's Story & The Round Robin--We've started two round robin stories, but they eventually died out. You can still read them here, and maybe even revive them if you want to give it a try.
  • FFF Kitchen--Members have submitted some of their favorite recipes.
  • Book Keeper--An excellent place to create a bibliography of all the books you've read. You can copy books from other people's lists to make the process faster.

14 Oct. 2002

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