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Jaleel's Yummy Nummy Turd Log

Get some ever popular Rice crispies!!!
and a big fat bowl,
and some chocolate. alright at albertsons they sell this microwaveable chocolate (it's like a fondu) and it tastes SOO good. (it's in the produce section, you use it to dip fruit in..mm chocolate covered strawberries...) anyway...

okay, take some of that, and melt it, and take some marsh mellow cream (if you like or you could take some peanutbutter...extra creamy kind) Or even some pecans...some walnuts...or ALL Of this..it's allll good... add to taste. mix it all up in a big bowl. Take some wax paper, and make cut large peices of it into sort of rectangles. (foot long is good) dish out some of this yummy mixture and then form it into a cylindar. wrap it up in wax paper. making a nice, big long...turd looking thing. once you've done that, you put it in the fridge till the chocolate hardnes. then you have a giant turd!! or you could slice it up and make little turd coins. *nods* those are good too, but not quite the same effect *g*

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