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Uli's Pasta

500 grams dried or fresh pasta
7-8 small mushroom
ca 250-300 gram ham
5 dl double cream (48% fat although lower fat cream or milk can be used)
200 gram brie cheese

1. Wash and slice the mushrooms. Slice up the ham into small pieces. Cut away the white sides and top from the Brie (these will not be needed), then cut the rest of the Brie up into small pieces

2. Put on the pasta to boil (if you are using dried pasta)

3. Fry up the ham and mushrooms until they are getting a nice brown colour

4. When the ham is starting to get brown pour the cream into a small pot and let it start boiling. As soon as the cream starts to boil remove it from the heat and stir in the Brie cheese. Put the Cream and Brie back onto the heat and let it simmer until the cheese is melted. Season the sauce with Salt and Pepper.

5. Drain the Pasta and mix it together with the Ham and Mushrooms and the add in the sauce.

Stir well and Serve.

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