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Posted by Jaleely on February 04, 2006 at 09:27:34:

In Reply to: OK, this is getting ridiculous! posted by Mike on February 04, 2006 at 03:45:48:

though i haven't really had anything to say.
although, there was this one thing i wanted to say....
so i've been reading the kushiel's dart trilogy right? i'm into the third book now, and of course i'd love to chat it over with anyone if they want...but my MAIN point is..the main character has a red 'mote' in her eye, right? a red splotch. well, i woke up this morning and was doing my make-up and BAM i'm like, what's that in my eye? and THERE IT IS! a red splotch! a perfect circle, bright flawless red, not some vein or something weird, just like someone took a bright red marker to the white of my eye, right on the outside of the colored part.
so yeah, that was doubly freaky and weird for me.
think i had an aneurism or something? (i thought that was only when your brain exploded or something *l*)
or is the book taking me over!!! i don't want to be like the main girl in that book! i don't like bondage!! well...*ahem* i don't like PAIN *lol* not at all! i'm a wimp *g*
my poor eye : ( werid huh?

: How many days without a post? Three? Four? I've lost count of the days, since I've had to work FIVE WHOLE days this weeks. The things my employer asks of me!

: Anyway, I'm some 350 pages into Ptolemy's Gate. Good stuff.

: That's my on topic post of the month. Someone better help me with the CPR.

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