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Posted by Caleyna on February 12, 2006 at 01:55:50:

In Reply to: Re: Writing Critique Group posted by Jaleely on February 11, 2006 at 08:15:28:

: i might maybe sorta be interested if there was a template everyone followed. a group of questions, 20 or so like, "does the peice have a (or more) well rounded character(s)?" if not, which one would you like to see more background on?"
: etc. sort of thing. that way, lots less ways for feelings to get hurt, since it's less freelance, and people know what other's are looking for. IF that person then feels they'd like to branch out and handle more crit, then another group of questions, or an open "i'd also like some free-talk on my peice" etc or something.
: hhhmmm yeah...
: since i'm a coward, also since i'm fairly serious about someday sending something in to be considered at a serious publisher, *snort@self* but really, is it just getting opinions of people you trust, or that you *think* you trust? how do you know ideas won't be well...tweaked and ...well, okay fine..STOLEN or something?

: i guess this is my curious/suggestion/bull post huh? : )

: jal

As Kiriath said, it would have to be at a password protected board. I never put my work out there unless it's under lock and key.

I don't think any seroius author would really steal another's work. Real writers are consumed by their own ideas and don't have time to steal other people's ideas. Or maybe I am naiive. Seriously, though, when I read interviews with authors it seems like almost all the professionals have a good crit group. I know it can be painful to hear critisicm but if you steel yourself and look at it as help instead of people saying they hate it you'll be a lot better off. But if you really can't handle people telling you ways to improve what you have or their opinions of what does and doesn't work you probably aren't ready for a crit group just yet. It took me quite a while to get to a place where I look forward to suggestions for improvement instead of having my feelings hurt by it.

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