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Posted by Kiriath on February 12, 2006 at 07:18:24:

In Reply to: Re: Writing Critique Group posted by Alle on February 12, 2006 at 05:18:20:

... Um, anyone have an idea for a good blue color so you can see which comments are actually mine? 8)

: : When I crit, I like to give at least three postives (or more) and no more than two areas that can be improved. I figure that is enough for the person to work on. I ALWAYS list things that can be improved even if it is a brilliant piece of work. To me that's the whole point of a crit and I get irritated if the people just say "that's great! I love it!". That doesn't help me at all.

: : I do crits because I want to help the other people improve and I want to improve. I would not want to be in a group with people who saw suggestions for improvement as criticism. To me they are totally different things coming from completely different intentions.

: : I don't do picky grammar/spelling proofreading unless specifically asked. I will point out an error if the author is making the same error consistently, but otherwise I figure it is a rough draft and the author will take care of those issues down the road.

: : How often would we need to submit something to the group and what would the lenght requirements be? I have a couple of WIPs that I wouldn't mind pulling out and dusting off and finishing.

The WoW crit group had it at about one crit a month and more if you want. You don't even need to submit stuff. The point is that you critique's someone else's work, especially when they crit yours. Honor system and all.

I usually did one a month and made it a /point/ - if I needed to do one on the 30th! - but some of the other members were a little less crazy. Time and all. I got college now, gah.

Whatever you want to submit, pretty much. Short story, poetry, novel... I suppose the length of what you submit would be proportional to how quickly you actually get a crit about it. :)

: : If it is not too intensive I would be interested in joining if you want me, after my speil. Before I commit, though, I'd like to see writing samples from the potential members (I'll submit a writing sample as well). I don't want to get into a situation where I don't have a lot of interest in what the other members are writing. I know that sounds kind of rude and I don't mean it to be. I just don't have a ton of time to commit so I wantto be motivated to stick with it if you do, indeed, start something up.

: : Caleyna

Definitely! As I write fantasy, sci fi, supernatural, I'll probably make it a genre or speculative fiction specific critique group... if I do. :)

I don't mainstream romance and really normal people. I'm not picky, though. As long as there's something speculative and unusual I would at least consider it for the group.


: I definitely agree with this...all of it! It's like C read my mind or something. Weird. I've been in groups where people (well one person) took complete offense when they were critiqued which was ridiculous. Then, when it was their turn, they would be deliberately harsh in their own critique as revenge. After that, no one wanted to say anything one way or the other about his work or they would set him off. I don't see that he got anything out of it at all. Anyway, I certainly wouldn't expect anything like that but mention it because I experienced it the last time I was brave enough to join a group. *l*

: A

Well, yeah, I'm shooting for a friendly atmosphere here. It kinda helps for all sorts of reasons when you know at least tangentially know each other. If you did in that one, well... I guess I can be a dork. :D

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