okay, LOST and confused

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Posted by Jaleely on February 16, 2006 at 08:48:50:

Okay, so lost was lame, and just raised more questions tonight, eh? but i couldnt' help myself, i watched, and wondered.


and, as you can see, clearly these are egyptian hieroglyphs. I have my handy dandy (knew it would come in handy someday!) "fun with hieroglyphs" stamp pack, given to me by my cousin years ago from the metropolitan museum of art, and i did recognize some of the glyphs, but so far? out of context it goes as follows: (ridiculous btw)

first glyph, the folded cloth: can mean S (as in house, or cats), or C (as in nice or cent)

Second glyph looks like the basket to me, in the blur. that could mean K (back, Chris, Kite, School)

could be other things, but i won't get into it!

third glyph: seems to be the one reed leaf. that is either Y (you, yes, crayon) or I (bit, bite)

the next, is the vulture which is O (as in cot, Oliver, bought) or E (earn, over, elf) or A (at, bat, about)

then, we have a mystery symbol. Now, of course this is all realitive, and completely complicated! my little pack here is very specific in stating that egyptian hieroglyphs are very flexable, and mean different things, and there are a few mystery symbols still not known to this day. the last one on here? was not in my pack, so your guess is as good as mine. i thought it could possibly be the viper though, which sorta resembles this glyph. in which case the sound would be F, or PH.

i mean, it all depends! for instance Melissa could be done as how it is spelled...or how it SOUNDS, which would be different glyphs! see? so it's all complicated.
ANYway, just thought that would be interesting and or fun and or confusing and frustrating *g*
usually you go by sound though...okay anyway gotta go to bed. *g*

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