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Posted by Caleyna on February 18, 2006 at 04:24:26:

In Reply to: *lol* posted by Jaleely on February 18, 2006 at 02:44:22:

: Okay seriously? my house was dark, etc., and when that guy gave that HORRIBLE CREEPY look (man that guy is a good actor!) i totally freaked out *lol* i DON"T freak out. but i did then! gave me the creeps!

: and where is that link from? i mean what context, scan, etc.?
: ah who knows. my little stamp kit did seem pretty credible though *g* to me!!

: and i couldn't see the pic. very well, but that would only make sense that after all this it would show kate!

: he's TRYING to make people hate him for some reason. the funny thing is, it's not really working on me yet, because he can love! he can hurt! what's he hiding??? why push them all away little sawyer!?

: and balloon guy is TOTALLY an other *shiver*

I don't know where that pic is from, but it is all over the Lost boards and such. I read them and feel like I missed most of the episode. I totally didn't catch that Henry Gale, balloon guy, shares a name with Henry Gale, Dorthy's uncle. Apparently there are a ton of connections to Oz. I didn't even know two of the actors (Micheal and Eko) were in the TV show Oz.

Did you guys see that there is a book coming out from one of the passengers who was killed on the flight? I think it's called Bad Twin. Hurley was reading the manuscript on the beach. The supposed author's name is an anagram for purgatory. I can't remember half of what I read about it all this morning. I found some of it HERE. I shouldn't be so into this silly show! But I have a hard time reading books and I can't type one handed, so I click click click and find dumb stuff.

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