I hate dial-up

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Posted by Caleyna on February 24, 2006 at 05:55:09:

I think no Internet is almost better than this dial-up business. It just gets my hopes up and I think I will get to do something interesting, but then it takes 20 years to open a single page and it frustrates me. Did we really used to chat like this? How do these people live?

So I'm in Oregon, being totally driven crazy by my family. My sister's two kids are sick, so they scream a lot. Erik is not getting much sleep. I am not getting any alone time. Dogs are licking my kid on the top of his head. I need to go home.

I tried to watch Lost last night since I figured there had to be a reason that they'd replay the pilot, but I fell asleep half-way through. Were there any clues that I missed? I'm sure there were. I am not so good at the clue thing.

I'm frantically reading the weirdest book ever (Last Flight of the Flamingos) for my Mosaic Minds book review so I don't even have the luxury to read something good when Erik takes his miniscule naps. If only my dad would stop bellowing, the dogs would stop barking, Braxton would quit throwing fits and Laynee would stop screaming I might get something done around here.

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