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Posted by Jaleely on March 03, 2006 at 06:30:01:

In Reply to: QotD posted by Jade on March 03, 2006 at 04:01:10:

once in junior high i got my foot stuck in the 'below the seat book rack', in the seat in front of me...which happened to be the seat of the cutest guy in class, and he had to get down out of his chair to help me get my foot/shoe unstuck. which he was nice about, but it was totally embarrassing. and, it HURT because i was pulling so hard to get it out on my own, so no one would notice what i'd done...but i wound up having to get help anyway! it was sort of bent up in the grating...i don't really know how i did it, other than just being bored in class, and moving my foot around. ah well!

that's the only one i can think of at the moment... : )
oh and that hangnail thing happens to me ALL the time, becuase i get weird hangnails on the sides of my fingers. also, did you know? that's sort of how ingrown toenails start too...the weird side hangnails. it's like an extra nail root that digs and grows into your skin, and can be bent off and pokey like a hangnail.

: it's been a while since anyone's asked one, and I felt suddenly inspired *lol*

: A couple days ago, a hangnail of mine got kind of irritated, then swollen, then more swollen... I'm now coating it in antibiotic cream and I guess I'll go to the doctor if it's still like this in another day or two, but I feel totally ridiculous. Who ever heard of an infected hangnail? There's no open cut or anything.... :p

: So, What your silliest or most embarrassing injury/illness?

: I'll feel pretty silly if I have to go to a doctor with a hangnail.... come to think of it, the only other infection I remember getting was a paper cut on my thumb, and that ended up giving me a red blood poisoning streak all the way to my armpit before it turned around *lol* But at least a paper cut is actually a cut!

: Jade

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