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Posted by Otie on March 19, 2006 at 12:13:36:

In Reply to: And the moral of the story is ... posted by Jade on March 19, 2006 at 08:21:56:

Lots of things I'd like to comment on, there, Jade....

(1) Regarding from nail chewing to tonsilitis: ewwwwwwww! & *hugs*

I had tonsilitis (and laryngitis which developed into tonsilitis) not once but three times every year of my first five years of teaching. So, not only did I realize I shouldn't bite my nails, I also realized I shouldn't touch any door, stairway-rail, desk, or anything a child probably touched. They are walking disease entities.

(2) Re: "the board is so very very dead": I've noticed that so many boards (and their chatsites) are very very dead these past weeks. It's that time of year, I guess, for students, teachers, and everybody else. *sighs* Oh well. Hopefully April, May, and June should see more activity. Speaking for myself, after my 77th time of mass-reading/marking projects and writing report cards, I'm having a hard time reading anything besides Readers Digest and the Old Farmers Almanac during this spring break. Only 16 more report card-writing times to go until retirement! Yippee!

(3) Re: I understand your feeling, "Only 3 weeks left of school!" I thought university dragged on tortuously. But, 27 years later and I'm still in school! *wails horrifically* Mostly pure hell throughout. Why oh why didn't I go through with my alternate career of being a truckdriver instead?! *more wailing* *is mostly serious* Anyway, congrats on the only-3-weeks-left. I do hope your career choice isn't teaching.

(4) Re: "Anyone else watch Battlestar Galactica? That was a bizarre way to end a season." My husband watches that. He's the fantasy buff. I occasionally watch Stargate to try to spot the Lower Mainland filming sites. Also, the guy with the forehead logo is sometimes interesting. Do you ever watch Survivor? That's my "secret shame." It's pure fantasy plus soap opera and comedy, all in one series.

(5) Re: "So how was everyone's St Patty's day?" Husband drove home trip-on-the-sidewalk drunk. His beloved guinea pig, Christopher, died suddenly earlier that day. He looked very upset, but gave me that, "It's okay, I'm a man, I can take it" face, kissed me good-bye, then went off to his band's practice. When he came home, I watched him sit for 5 minutes in his car. When I went out there and opened his car door, I felt like killing him myself.

The man cannot handle more than one drink. If he's had two or more, he's been responsible enough to get his designated driving bud to drive him home. I told him he behaved as stupidly as I did in my 20s -- a bloody miracle I never killed anyone. I'm going to give his buds supreme heck for not phoning me to come pick him up, when it was obvious Peter was about to be a royal jerk. I banned him from the bedroom: he slept on the bathroom floor. In the morning I stepped over him, looked down on him while I sat on the toilet, and said, "Peter, you have sunk to a new low." I shook my head, remembering back in 1984 when I woke up with my head *inside* the toilet. It wasn't funny then, and it's so much more unfunny when a person is almost 50.

Oh, dear Jade, how I wish I was with you and your friends at that Drag King party instead!

(6) Re: "I went to a drag king show - one of my friends was performing, actually, and she did an amazing job." That must have been a blast! That reminds me of when I went with my girl friend, Maizee, and our fun circles of friends to the Empress contest event at The Gandy Dancer. What a great riot of memories I had that night! *sighs happily* This was in 1981 or 1982, back in the outrageous great days before the HIV black cloud was yet to hit our town. (There were alarming rumours about other cities we all thought were just myths.) Anyway, that Empress contest night was glorious. Legions of us party-goers would follow the Empress hopefuls as they did their barhopping tours in the downtown circuit, Denman, Robson, Granville, Seymour, then down into Yaletown. I imagined it might have been a microscopic version of New Orleans's Mardi Gras back then.

I bet that drag king night of yours was a hoot! I wish I was there. I'm envious of you. *sighs again a those-were-the-good-ol-days-sigh*

I hope your back gets better soon, Jade. And your throat! Are you graduating after you're done with school this time? If so, a great big congratulations for your graduation! May the next chapter(s) in your future plans bring all you dreamed, and more!

Cheers and more hugs,
xoxo Ruth.

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