Is this anything that would interest the writers here?

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Posted by Ulrica on March 21, 2006 at 13:03:28:

Hello hello... I am still alive and crossposting this bit from my latest LJ entry...

I have set up another LJ for writing musings (original writing only) which will be friends only and only deal with frustrations and suchlike of writing and possibly trying to get published. I am thinking about setting up a locked LJ community or group related to similar topics. Somewhere were people interested can discuss writing in general or more specific terms and offer help and advice. I am also thinking about developing that into a writers' workshop.(Once again it is for original writing only)

The idea I am playing with is to have a daily or weekly challenge. It could be based around a word or theme and address different areas of writing, for fun and practise and development.

The challenges would vary from longer pieces (say 500 to 1000 words) on a given subject to a drabble (exactly 100 words) to develop wordiness or briefness. It could be writing a certain emotion/situation out of a characters perspective, or play with different point of views as first person or third person storytellers, it could be write something humorous or something to make people cry. Although a new challenge would be introduced on a regular basis there would be no limit on the time in which you have to accept/finish the challenges giving you the opportunity to return to challenges you want to do when you have the time or urge to write.

The idea of working with small pieces is that it is easier to find time for people to comment and discuss short pieces of writing than long chapters and also that it is easier to find the time to sit down and write something with a couple of hundred words to be critiqued by others than to write several pages a day.

Of course the community would also welcome longer pieces of fiction to discuss and offer suggestion and help on, the idea with the shorter ones are to develop and experiment in a way that is sometimes hard to do in whatever piece of writing you hope to get published. I would like the community to work as a place for both the writing you hope to get published and the writing you write only to experiment with styles and emotions and also for general discussion. It would also be a small group of people only.

Is that anything that would interest any of you?
It is something I would like to try both to keep developing and learning as a writer and to get some sort of structure into my own writing time. If I have prompts and things to read and discuss as well it will be easier to decide to set aside a time every day to look at the group and do group things and once I start writing anything at all it tends to help me get started on the stories/books I am working on as well. I guess it is a nudge to get started that I want.


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