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Posted by julie on March 21, 2006 at 13:21:24:

In Reply to: Re: Dream site posted by Lannie on March 21, 2006 at 07:34:52:

: : :
: : : Say FFF was going to get a major overhaul. What are the features you would love to see if something like that came to pass?

: : : Is everyone still a threaded message lover or would a moder phb board be to your liking?

: : : No guarantee anything is going to happen, but we might get an upgrade by the end of the year.

: : I've always been happy with the board the way it is... *shrug* except for the current lack of postage *lol*

: : Jade

: I also like how the site works. Please, please stay with threaded. I hate
: php boards.

ditto. HOWEVER.....

Honestly, I don't think the board format is the reason for the slowdown. I think we just need something to energize things. We used to keep the postage up with games that everyone could add a post to without having to be too creative or exert too much energy. Remember when things were really hopping? That was A. before everyone had a blog and we'd write about our mundane daily stuff here. B. when we regularly had a question of the day. C. when there were lots of quizzes and random silly memes that everyone puts in the blogs now. D. did I mention that blogs are sapping our energy?

of course, i can't use that as my excuse because i don't even blog anymore. my individual problem is that i feel like everyone here already knows my take on any given topic and why repeat myself and bore them all to tears.

We need something new to get excited about, definitely. But it won't be a layout or format change that will revive things. It's going to take a good discussion topic or event like the start of another really great series (how many times can you debate Jordan and Martin or Jordan and Tolkien and/or sing their praises in the same spot??? How many times can you question the evilness of Tintaglia with the same people?) We need a NEW TOPIC!!!

Here's a scary idea...maybe we could broaden the scope of the discussion. I mean, we've always talked about other books we read besides fantasy. But for newcomers, why not make it open to more than the fantasy genre? Most of us like other literature besides fantasy. And not just fantasy/sci fi. We like thrillers and detective novels and historical fiction (many of which have a fantasy element anyway), too.

So yeah, change the wrapping - sure - make it sparkly for luring in the newbiefishies (bad analogy, i know, C). But if we want to keep the community alive, we need to talk about more than the same old same old. whaddaya think?

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