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Posted by SS on March 22, 2006 at 16:07:22:

In Reply to: Ten for Tuesday posted by Scarlet on March 21, 2006 at 14:29:52:

I can't think of ten things that I wish for. Either they are all really trite (someone to do my dishes. And maybe my homework, too.) or they are so huge that I'm afraid to speak them out loud in case I jinx something.

So, ten pieces of random:

1. My room is currently predominately pink. I have a pink set of towels, pink sheets, pink covers and even random things like pink shirts and pink body lotion lying around.

2. The tomatoes here taste funny - metallic and oily at the same time. Other things that taste funny: steak, honey, sugar, milk, bread, oranges, watermelon juice.

3. Last week I managed to survive for three days on 3RMB (about US$0.40) because I skipped about three meals, spent the 3RMB on one meal of tofu and rice and then was treated the rest of my meals by my friends who are awesome! *g*

4. Now that I'm not at home (for the first time!), I'm realising just how important friends are :) Just people to hang out with, to celebrate with, to share money and food with... And not just the people here, but the friends at home who take the time to email, and the friends online who make distance a moot point - especially the friend online who kept me company until 5am her time because I was sick and lonely a few days ago. *random hugs*

5. The smell of dettol is strangely comforting :) And I also really miss the smell of our laundry powder + sunshine on my laundry. Yeah, who'd have guessed! *l*

6. I used to really dislike small children, but ever since my favourite cousin had a baby, I've become kind of gushy towards them *l*

7. I'm currently rereading, for the gazillionth time, "Lieutenant Hornblower". I could only fit a few books in my luggage: the three Hornblower omnibuses, the Tao Te Ching, "The Horsemasters", "Feet of Clay" and a random romance novel that I picked up on the way here. I surprised myself with my choices.

8. Beggars make me feel incredibly bad/guilty. I want to give to them all. I don't know if they're "real" beggars. I don't know if they'll mug me once I pull out my wallet. I'm too scared to start so the most I've given is some bread that I just bought (because she came asking for money and I offered her the bread and she nodded) but I feel so bad, living in a dorm with enough food to eat and luxuries like hot water and the internet and... I don't know.

9. A friend just knocked on my door and we chatted for about an hour. I'm so not used to this! *l* It's kind of cool that people can just come and knock on my door at any time of night.

10. I got a parcel from my parents and it contained a block of dark chocolate and I am going to hoard it like mad! *l* Everything else in my room (including the oreos which are all gone now) is up for grabs for any visitors - but my chocolate isn't! *guards* LOL

End random *g*


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