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Posted by Ulrica on March 23, 2006 at 15:23:04:

In Reply to: Writing Community and Challange (Last post, I promise) posted by Ulrica on March 23, 2006 at 15:20:02:

I wrote four different drabbles today from 4 different characters but I am not certain how well that came across, nor am I certain that it comes across that two are male.

anyway, to the drabbles...

Dawn crawls into the room, the shadows growing on the walls. I have not slept. Once more my eyes have stared at the ceiling as hours pass, aching, itching from lack of sleep, yet I am unable to rest.

I sit. My movements heavy, leaden, my body shouting in protest as I move into another day. Countless hours stretch before me, shouting for attention and energy, pleading for life which I cannot find.

Finally the night arrives, shadows shrinking as I stare at the ceiling . One hour passes, two... Far away the bell rings midnight and the world fades.


The night never ends. Light may come and go but it is always night here. A starless, moonless night of no hope. Numbness eats its way into flesh and bone, moving is difficult when there is no energy left, nor is there anywhere to go.

The stone walls enhances the chill, the lethargy. How can you live unable to see the sky? Hard stone. Darkness. There is nothing else. Nothing has a meaning here save the constant sameness.

My hosts disdain killing, they do not hang their prisoners. They abandon us to despair, sacrificing us on the altar of apathy.


Smiling I sank to the ground, my feet aching from hours of dancing in wet grass. Moving to music that no one else heard. My body throbbed of energy and weariness, the pleasant numbness of dancing starting to settle into my legs and back as the muscles cooled in the chill air. Groaning I stretched, feeling bones pop as my tendons whimpered from the unwanted pull. I was reluctant to move feeling slow, heavy, and for a moment I played with the idea of sleeping here, in the grass under the trees.

Stifling a yawn I eventually rose, stumbling home.


Emptiness stares from the mirror that once held her smiles. Silence hangs heavily over the halls, a cloying veil of stillness where life once breathed.

I turn the silver hairbrush over in my hand, trembling as I see the pale threads of gold still clinging to the bristles.

Closing my eyes I search for her scent but there is nothing now. No echoes of laughter, no sweetness of rose oil on skin, no touch of fingers on my cheek.

Shaking I fall to my knees, tears burning behind closed eyes. I can see no future without her, only endless loneliness.

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