I've had to drop a lot of my writing commitments and am having trouble keeping up with the things I've kept, so I won't be able to join. Sorry . (m/t)

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Posted by Caleyna on March 23, 2006 at 15:49:47:

In Reply to: In case anyone was interested in the writing group... posted by Ulrica on March 22, 2006 at 09:12:27:

: Well,my writing group idea does not seem to be met with much enthusiasm so far it seems but that is fine too. *g* If anyone is still interested then my writing LJ is http://sildainde.livejournal.com and the writing community is http://community.livejournal.com/talesbythefire/ both are friends locked and the community requires approval to join (which I will of course give for anyone interested *g*)

: I will ramble a bit more about it when I am on the subject anyway I think.

: I am setting up this writing thing for me. I admit that. I am hoping that having those daily or weekly small challenges will both get me into a routine of writing and will nudge me to actually sit down and get started. I also of course hope to learn from them and challenge myself with them a bit.

: Now I will do this wether or not anyone else does but until someone else joins me I will use the writign account only and not the group.

: I also admit that I had hoped that it could be made into an all purpose writing group if enough members joins. Somewhere to write challenges and get nudged to start writing and discussing without either having to take very long, but also somewhere to share advice or experiences on writing and/or trying to get published as well as a place to find support when you find yourself unable to see exactly were your story is going, somewhere for ideabouncing if it is needed or somewhere to find people happy to do proofreading of what you have written.

: However I would not expect anyone to participate morethan they felt they had the time or energy for. I think I would ask everyone to try to participate in some way at least twice a month whether it would be by writing a challenge, asking for or sharing advice or offering constructive critism on something someone else has posted. Participation would not need to take a lot of time unless you chose to let it. I admit I intend to chose to let it take a lot of time. I want to actually get somewhere in my writing now and I also want something that is productive to keep me busy and motivated. *g*

: Now, I have never tried to run anything like this before and I would be interested in other ideas as well to incorporate into the group, those are simply the ideas I have had myself since I started drawing it up in my mind yesterday.

: So there are a few more structured thoughts than I had yesterday and I hope it will appeal to someone else too, but as I said, I will still do the challenges or exercises even if I end up doing them on my own. *g*

: Take care,

: Uli

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