Lost spoilers from last night's episode. . .

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Posted by Caleyna on March 23, 2006 at 15:57:49:

I was going to make a post about Maternity Leave, but never got around to it. I knew this episode wouldn't be as good after all the revelations that came in ML.

So if Sun is pregnant will we ever see a baby? They've only been on the island around 55 days. That's not even two months in two seasons. It seems like an odd plot device.

Why did she tell Jin he couldn't have kids when she told him she was pregnant? He's so volatile I would never have told him. Though I do believe she only slept with him or else she WOULD have kept it a secret. I think the island fixed him just like it fixed Locke.

Henry Gale gives me the major, major creeps! That last scene where he was telling Jack and Locke what would happen if he was a bad guy was sooooo freaky and good. I know a balloon is found, but we don't know that it's his. I assume the Others found it a long time ago and have set it up to use as a cover story. They probably even set up the name Henry Gale so if any of them got caught they'd already have a cover.

Why would they get caught, though?

I did have to agree with Henry about one thing--why why why are the Losties not more curious about the hatch and it's contents? Does Henry know they met up with Zeke and didn't ask any questions at all? I guess from the preview for next week we can assume the Others are monitoring them inside the hatch (which we already kinda knew from the Zeke encounter anyway).

I can't believe Bernard and Rose were fighting!

I can't believe people are still willing to go traipsing around the jungle even with polar bears, smoke monsters, wild boars and Others out there. I wonder if Sawyer gave Charlie that gun as part of his deal for kidnapping Sun. I really hope this baby isn't going to turn out to be one of the Other's babies that raped Sun while she was unconcious after Charlie kidnapped her.

Ok, I got a screaming baby. Maybe he will like peaches today.


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