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Posted by Jade on April 01, 2006 at 03:10:36:

In Reply to: Wacky Wednesday posted by Scarlet on March 29, 2006 at 21:58:28:

: Are you more...

: 01) Fast-paced big-city life or slower-paced small-town life?
somewhere in the middle... I'm fine with big cities so long as there's wilderness pretty close by!

: 02) A location chooser based on your job(s) or a location chooser based on proximity to friends and family?
um. Probably job. So far my choices have usually led me a long way from friends and family *l*

: 03) Fan of the allen key (hexagon-head) or hater of the allen key?
oh yeah, bring on the allen key. It makes furniture assembly much more fun.

: 04) Someone who loves futons or someone who prefers more traditional couches and beds?
I've slept on a few futons. Never been impressed with them.

: 05) Grateful that winter is gone or anxious for summer to hurry up and get here?
The first I suppose...

: 06) Grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato or just a grilled cheese sandwich?
Typically I tend to think the more toppings the better. Throw absolutely everything in there *nods*

: 07) RJ fan or GRRM fan?
GRRM, no competition

: 08) A tiger or a bear?
mraaooow, tiger. Or any giant cat. Meow, just like great big oversized house kitty... only could kill you before you see it coming *l*

: 09) Believing that politicians make the world a better place or believing that the common man makes the world a better place?
um. Maybe I'll just be really cynical and think that we're all fate's bitch and none of us can make the world a better place *lol* But most politicians certainly don't.

: 10) Interested in character or plot?
more character I suppose. But you gotta have both.

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