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Posted by Jade on April 03, 2006 at 22:13:19:

In Reply to: Monday Meme posted by Scarlet on April 03, 2006 at 19:06:54:


: 1. Do you ever tell lies? Don't lie!
ok, you caught me *g*
yes, occasionally. Although I'm having trouble thinking of anything in recent memory.

: 2. Are "little white lies" okay if no harm is done?
yes, under certain circumstances.

: 3. Would you lie to your parents? Would you lie to your significant other?
yes, perhaps... but it would have to be for a very good reason. I'm more likely to simply not tell them something than to lie about it directly. I'm not a very good liar.

: 4. Have you ever been caught lying?
um, when I was a kid. About silly things, like doing something I'd get in trouble for.

: 5. What is the biggest lie you've ever told (that you can talk about here)?
well, I lied to a few of my friends for a while about where I was going when I was attending gay/pride discussion group thingies before I came out to them.

Like I said, I'm a terrible liar (I'm much better about vague Aes Sedai type lies), so that was a big deal for me. But that was about 4 years ago.


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