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Posted by Jaleely on April 08, 2006 at 21:34:01:

so, does anyone have a hermit crab?
i was at the petstore the other day...petco to be exact. well, we always go in there and look for saltwater hermit crabs, because we're looking for a specific one, but they don't usually seem to carry them anymore. but we check anyway.
so i was there talking with this one guy, when he goes "hey, we did actually get ONE crab in today!" and i go OH cool where is he?
and the guy points him out then runs off. so i look inside this saltwater filled glass tank, and there's this lonely forlorn crab sadly trying to climb the glass. He looked so sad! And strange.
I thought to myself, Gee I havent’ seen that kind of saltwater crab before. I thought, gee I shouldn’t get him, but he looks SO pathetic, and he’s probably just going to die. So, I’ll get him and at least he could have a chance in our nice big saltwater tank.
So we go through the whole thing, I spent a whopping 3 dollars, and took him home, put him in the tank, and he seemed fine, crawling over things and I thought oh good! He might live. But he still would just sit there a bit.
Well, late last night we noticed him crawling up and OUT of the tank. He’d abandoned his shell, and was sitting pathetically with his little eyes poking out of the tank.
We’d actually thought that he’d died, too, because one of his legs fell of (from stress I now know) and our shrimp was carrying it around like a trophy or a club or something.
But long story short we finally got him out and onto some sand in a plastic container, and gave him back his shell, which he finally crawled back into and hid inside. But now what?
I’m reading all this stuff online and thinking I don’t’ have the ability to keep him humid? Or the temperature correct? So does ANYOne out there know what to do with a poor, stressed out, probably near death land hermit crab??

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