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Posted by Jaleely on April 16, 2006 at 00:44:44:

In Reply to: yup posted by GilShalos on April 14, 2006 at 18:16:29:

: It's by Chris Bunch... let me think of the name...

: Ah, google helps.

: Dragonmaster, knighthood of the dragon, the last battle - all part of the storm of wings trilogy. I'm just noticing that a lot of reviews online disliked it, but I quite enjoyed it. nothing big, heavy or profound, just fun and easy.
that's bound to be better than what i'm reading. i wasted my gift certificate on it, so by darn i'm going to finish it, but it's JUST the thing to put you to sleep at night. i actually think i prefer one of my class books...almost i guess *rolls eyes*
so what did anyone else think of Marjorie B Kellog's The Dragon Quartet, volumes one and two?
because i want to vomit on it *g*

no really, i keep saying i hate books lately, but i just keep finding something WORSE and oh my god WORSE. this is just so boring...ah yes, and stupid. it's one of thos old kings and queens, then dragons, then into the future with guns blazing and BARFF kind of books.

okay, so next on my list is C J Cherrya "the faded sun trilogy" and something that i know is going to probably be bad, but we laughed and laughed at the cover art, and then it just became a thing, so kevin got them for me: "the ghatti's tale" by gayle greeno.
Anyone got any opinions on them?
I think my taste in books is pretty easy going normally, but i've been reading a lot of books that mix time periods and i think i'm finding i hate that *lol*
i like sci-fi...i love fantasy...i like modern, and non fiction just all of it really, but i hate hate hate mixtures trying to be all cool and revolutionary, because they just wind up sucking!!!
to me anyway, so sorry if i offend. *g*

i miss the old days when i was first discovering all the old fantasy classics. *SIGH*

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