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Posted by Jade on May 07, 2006 at 23:20:09:

In Reply to: Re: Lost 5/3 spoilers posted by Caleyna on May 04, 2006 at 18:32:55:

: : Michael... AnaLucia... Libby...

: : What the heck?!?

: : Has Michael gone off the deep end? Have the Others brainwashed him? Did he become a murderer to frame good ol' Henry thereby inciting everyone else to wage an all out war against the Others?

: : Inquiring minds!! *lol*

: I really wanted to post last night, but I knew that would be rude since I was ahead of most everyone else!

: Wow wow wow. I didn't see anything in that episdoe coming. Ok, I did see Ana dying, but only b/c I've been reading so much speculation. No one predicted it would be Micheal who killed her. And Libby! She better not be dead! We need to know what's up with her. Poor, poor Hurley. He needs a little happiness.

: I can't believe Sawyer didn't check for his gun after their romp. How do you not notice your big hunk of metal is missing when you put your clothes back on? It was obvious that's why Ana seduced him. Sawyer is one of my favorites though and I wanted to punch Jack when he threw the last pages of the book in the fire.

: Was anyone else shocked that Ana was in Australia with Jack's father? So Claire is Jack's sister? That's what I thought as soon as the woman started screaming. She sounded just like Claire.

: Sarah is the name of Jack's ex-wife, right? I guess it is pretty clear she was having an affair with Jack's dad. Yuck.

: And now on to Micheal. Wow wow wow. What a shock! I'm thinking he must be an Other. I suppose he could just be trying to get Walt back, but he didn't seem to hesitate at all when he pulled the trigger. I also think he knew Libby was an other because he looked so shocked when he shot her.

: I don't get why everyone was so ready to believe his story about the Others. They KNOW they have more than two guns. Kate at least KNOWS they used to live in the medical hatch and are pretty sophisticated. They KNOW Henry is not dirty and gross or animal like.

: I can't wait to see the next episode!

I missed some of the beginning of the episode, so I'm kind of confused *lol*

I caught the bit where Ana was with Jack's Dad (and Sawyer stumbled past, that was pretty random *lol*), but what's this about Claire being Jack's sister? huh?

My guess is the Others are using Walt as leverage. They probably told Michael he'd get him back (or that he wouldn't be killed or something) if he freed Henry. And the only way to free Henry is to make it look like he escaped on his own... I thought maybe he was so shocked after killing Libby because he'd prepared himself to have to kill one person, but he wasn't prepared to kill 2.

But what the hell, it looked like they were just starting to introduce mystery about Libby, and now she's dead? why bother?

When Michael told his story about the Others being all barbaric, I thought maybe it was evidence of the "two groups of others" theory. Or maybe just that they keep the sophisticated people with guns hidden in their hatch *lol*

oh well, who knows. I have to admit I wasn't all that shocked or excited or anything, some aspects of this show are just starting to seem a little too melodramatic... that said, I do want to see the remaining episodes *lol*


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