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Posted by Caleyna on May 08, 2006 at 04:12:34:

In Reply to: Re: Lost 5/3 spoilers posted by Jade on May 07, 2006 at 23:20:09:

: I missed some of the beginning of the episode, so I'm kind of confused *lol*

: I caught the bit where Ana was with Jack's Dad (and Sawyer stumbled past, that was pretty random *lol*), but what's this about Claire being Jack's sister? huh?

Not sure how much you missed, but I'll give you a quick recap. Ana quit her job on the force because her mom called her on killing the guy who shot her. She was working security at the airport and met Jack's dad. He invited her to go to Australia as a body guard for him. They decided to use fake names. She named him Jack and he named her Sarah (creepy!).

They got there and just drank a bunch, then one night he said it was time to go do the thing he needed protection against. He showed up at some blonde woman's house and demanded to see his child but the blonde woman refused. Also, it seems he had been paying the mortgage on the house. The blonde woman looked and sounded A LOT like Claire so I guess the obvious connection is that Claire and Jack are siblings, but perhaps that it too obvious. It seems Mr. Shepard has more connections with the lostaways than is fitting. Some people are saying he is The Great One.

Ana got out of the car and took him away, then dropped him off at the bar where Sawyer ran into him.

: My guess is the Others are using Walt as leverage. They probably told Michael he'd get him back (or that he wouldn't be killed or something) if he freed Henry. And the only way to free Henry is to make it look like he escaped on his own... I thought maybe he was so shocked after killing Libby because he'd prepared himself to have to kill one person, but he wasn't prepared to kill 2.

: But what the hell, it looked like they were just starting to introduce mystery about Libby, and now she's dead? why bother?
It is going to be so annoying if she is really dead. I hope she isn't because I NEED her backstory. They made her way too intriguing to kill her off so suddenly, but maybe she will be in a coma for a while? She will either have to tell on Michael, be in a coma, or be an Other. Maybe Henry took her back to the Others when he escaped.

: When Michael told his story about the Others being all barbaric, I thought maybe it was evidence of the "two groups of others" theory. Or maybe just that they keep the sophisticated people with guns hidden in their hatch *lol*
Well, we do know there were the dirty legged kids wandering around with the teddy bear. That really does not fit in with the whole medical hatch set of others, but we know the medical hatch others want kids since they are the ones who kidnapped Walt. It is very confusing. I guess that's the point, huh? *lol*.

: oh well, who knows. I have to admit I wasn't all that shocked or excited or anything, some aspects of this show are just starting to seem a little too melodramatic... that said, I do want to see the remaining episodes *lol*

: Jade

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