Lost spoilers from last night

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Posted by Caleyna on May 12, 2006 at 05:10:03:

I guess I don't really have much to say. I've been reading televisionwithoutpity most of the day since Erik is sick and woke up every time I turned a page in my book. My eyes are screwy and now I feel like everything has been said. It is amazing how dense some people are, though. I mean, I'm not Lost expert but some things seem pretty obvious.

My contribution is just Sawyer love. He just gets better and better with every episode. He so needs to be the leader of the Lostaways, maybe with Sayeed's help. If only people would tell him what is going on he would solve the mystery of the island in no time. He's the smartest one there for all that Jack is a doctor. He pretends to be a bad guy, but when help is truly needed he offers it. I don't like Kate that much, but I really liked the last scene when he went over and hugged her.

Also, I am wondering just how abandoned the Pearl statoin really is. It looks like it's been abandoned for a long time, but so did the medical hatch and we know it has only been abandoned for a couple of months at most. It is all very peculiar.

I know part of good story telling is to limit communication between characters, but this show is just riduclous. The Lostaways do NOT act like any plausible real people would act in this situation. I can't quit watching, though.

Did anyone really believe Claire's psychic was a fake? I didn't. He just had to get Eko on that plane. Also, doesn't one of the board members on the Hanso site look like the guy who provided Eko's fake passport? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere so I'm probably crazy.

Did you guys see that woman kind of pop up on the screen when Sawyer and Kate were going to his stash? It was really odd. It looked a lot like Libby.

So was the girl really dead or is this some kind of ploy by the others? She had freaky eyes.

Ok, I wrote the above several hours ago I guess I better hit post before I before I brush my teeth and finally go to bed. .. sweet, sweet. bed.

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