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Posted by Otie on May 28, 2006 at 03:09:52:

In Reply to: Re: ...... posted by Caleyna on May 28, 2006 at 00:40:58:

*is aghast by that last paragraph*

Too extreme for me, too, Caleyna. I didn't know about that, except for what I've seen in TV shows and the movies. It's obvious I've never been a mom, eh. But, every couple of years we remedial teachers see another child with problematic behaviours accompanied by stern directives by her or his presumably "educated" parents explaining their particular rigid philosophy of upbringing. The thought occurred to me that maybe I might look into some of the various baby-raising manuals out there.

For example, there's this one kid, Isaac, an only child of age 7, from older parents who are both professors. Isaac must have 100% attention, and, if he perceives he doesn't have enough, he'll holler from the top of his lungs whenever and wherever he sees fit -- while rattling off high-vocabulary paragraphs of some out-of-the-blue academia topic. If hollering doesn't work, he'll punch the nearest child. Every time this happens, the principal must call Professor Mom to come haul his butt home. Of course, Professor Mom is usually angrily saying that it's anybody's fault but that of her kid.

I feel sorry for Isaac. He's got a long road of confusion he'll have to sort out.

I'm interested to skim through Leach's work. I read another psychologist's work about understanding the thinking of one's dog or cat -- not that a human kid is like a dog or cat, but I found the book to be valid reading. I'm interested in what you say about Leach's book, so I'm going to look into it, thanks.

I think an apt "bottom-line" to my post is to repeat my favourite Oprah Winfrey quote. I think Oprah Winfrey is pretty wise a lot of the time. She said, regarding parenting and saluting parents, "I think that being a parent is the most difficult job on Earth."

For every Isaac I see through our school's doors, I see at least 200 other children who are fabulous, kind-hearted, respecting *and self-respecting* little human beings who are joys to smile "hello" to. Isaac and I have a friendship, too -- he's a good guy with his own kind of journey. I bet one day he'll become a damn fine teacher, or psychologist.

But, back to the topic of childcare books; I guess most of the lot of them are like books on the beauty, diet, & exercise shelves: an industry, and a set of guides from which the individual can make her or his own choices.


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