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Posted by Jade on May 28, 2006 at 03:45:58:

In Reply to: Lost Spoilers through the end of season 2 posted by Caleyna on May 28, 2006 at 00:49:56:

: : me neither...

: : No more Livejournal! No more Livejournal! ra ra ra! *waves placards*

: : So, no Lost spoilers post? I was totally expecting one *lol* I don't really know what to think any more.

: : Jade

: I guess I could start double posting my LJ posts here, but I don't know how appropriate they are *lol*.

: I thought about making a Lost spoiler post, but I just haven't had time this week. Erik is teething which means he is more needy than usual. Plus, there was nothing really shocking about the finale, I didn't think. Of course, there were few cool parts like the bird saying Hurley (evidence of genetic experiments) and the four toed foot statue (what the heck???).

: I don't know why, but I guess I just didn't care that the Jack, Kate and Sawyer were kidnapped. We've gotten enough peeks at the Others this season to kind of take away the fear that they will be immeditely killed. It will certainly be intersting to see how that plays out.

yeah, I thought it was interesting the way Zeke/Tom lost the beard and all of a sudden they all acted a bit more like civilized people. I'm sure those three aren't going to be killed immediately or anything, but I'm curious why they wanted them (and not Hurley?). Jack's a sort of "good guy" white horse type, and the other two are the ones with the shadiest histories. And it seemed like the Others only wanted the "good" people.... but who knows.

: Of course, the Penelope situation was pretty neat. We finally see that the outside world still exists. It will be strange if they pull the action away from the island and start focusing on Penny.

: I guess a lot of people think Locke, Eko and Desmond are dead but that didn't even occur to me. I thought the key was supposed to stop the anomoly, not blow up the hatch.

: The big question for me is LIBBY LIBBY LIBBY. We are supposed to learn all about her next season through flashbacks. I'm just disappointed they killed her off.

: I think the most surprising thing was that they let Michael and Walt go. I was fully expecting a double cross on that situation.

I don't know, I interpreted the failsafe key as being a bomb. But the white light and noise and stuff doesn't really make much sense. Since we didn't see any real evidence of a normal explosion, I tend to think they're not dead.

But yeah, Libby! So is she in everyone's backstory somehow? Is she responsible for them all being on the island? But then if Desmond is responsible for the plane crash, it starts seeming less like some mysterious conspiratorial plan.

I was totally expecting a double cross on Michael too. Especially when they said Walt was on the boat, it felt like a trap. But then, it's not over yet. Who knows where he'll end up following their directions? *g* Maybe back on the island again like Desmond! ;-)

So, what's with the guys in the Arctic? Are they trying to find Desmond? Or the island? How did they know what to look for? Is Penelope or her father involved in the island, or is she just trying to find Desmond?

And I also felt like the guy in the hatch in Desmond's flashbacks was holding back. Why did his partner edit the instruction film? and how did the edits end up on the other side of the island?

: I think I read too many boards to really get hyped up about the show. I don't read any spoilers but people have so many theories that at least some of them are right so it feels like it's been spoiled anyway.

: I also was disappointed that we didn't see the smoke monster. It's like all the freaky stuff from first season is just gone. Where did it all go.

: I'll keep watching next season but I have no desire to see the re-runs. The show is just a little too slow for that.

: This summer will be the summer of season 2 Battle Star Galatica (we just finished season 1) and season 2 Veronica Mars (if it comes out on DVD). I wish I would have started watching VM from the beginning. A show where the main character actually communicates instead of keeping secrets. Can it be?

: Caleyna

yeah, I downloaded all of BSG back when it was on tv... quite good stuff, although I'm a little unsure of how they ended season 2. And I'm just now watching season 2 of Veronica Mars. But I don't know about the character actually communicating. You might be a little overly optimistic there *l*

Although I agree. If I was in the situations of all these people in tv shows and movies, I'd totally share it all with someone, cause I could never deal with or figure it all out by myself!

Anyway, enough of this! There are people in chat!


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