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Posted by Louis on May 28, 2006 at 11:05:19:

In Reply to: Re: Da Vinci Code posted by M on May 27, 2006 at 20:27:22:

: I haven't read DC. I heard from different reliable sources that it really wasn't all that good. Truly, I'm not interested in anything with religious overtones even if it is a fictionalized book that's supposed to shake the foundations of Christianity.

: It's really too bad about Da Vinci Code. It is actually a good read. I read it before I really knew about the controversy, back when it was just a good story. It's like Indiana Jones for nerds. I'm actually kinda sorry that the hype has ruined it, because now no one can read it just as the good story it is, without analyzing it about religious overtones.

: Perhaps you might try Dan Brown's other book with the same main character. It's called 'Angels and Demons". It's the same type of good story, but I haven't heard much drama about the content. If you're looking for something to read, maybe give it a try and that way you would know whether you would have liked Da Vinci code if it didn't have the hype surrounding it.

: I understand why you think you won't like Da Vinci code though, I probably would think the same. I can't stand preachy books with deeper meaning, and that's what I would be expecting from it if I read it now for the first time. It's really too bad.

: Angels and Demons is a really fast paced read, and again my best description is Indiana Jones for nerds *l*.

Uli and I read Angels and Demons first on recommendation of my dad who enjoyed it and The Da Vinci Code. Then we read the latter also, but it was before there was quite so much hype about it. Angels and Demons actually is chronologically the first book and it's a lot better really. I still don't think either of them are amazing or anything but they're alright. As for the religiousness, obviously the source material is kind of to do with religion but it's not particularly _religious_ in the sense that none of the main protagonists are actually Catholic or anything else as far as I could tell, and the subject matter is treated more as a historical issue than an argument about theology. This particular book and movie have about as much actual chance of 'shaking the foundations of Christianity' as I do of winning the lottery which I never even take part in. The only real objection the Catholic Church, which is pretty villified, has made to the whole thing is to disagree with the marketing of the movie as being factual and protraying the objective truth, when it's actually a work of populist fiction designed to sell a story and nothing more at worst (which is what he should be doing) and one theory among many on a particular set of historical issues at best. In actual fact, Opus Dei and the Catholic Church have been getting a ton of publicity and interest from the public since the latest publicity has started.

I mean, personally I would probably read it just for the sake of it and it can be read as a half decent detective story/thriller but if you're really not interested in the topics then it might not be something you'd be interested in. The problem I have with the hype and such is if people can't realise that it's a work of fiction and not everything an author chooses to put in a story for dramatic effect is necessarily going to be the gospel (ha!) truth. What is worrying is the sheer gullibility of some people and how easily they will latch onto some new fad just because it's come into the public eye. The surveys showing how many people actually believe everything in it to be fact are crazy. There's nothing new in the book anyway, as the lawsuit against Dan Brown by the guys who wrote The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail showed. They lost their case because all the concepts in both books were so widespread and had been used so many times before that they couldn't be attributed to anyone at all. The same theories have been around for the last 2000 years or so, it's just that the sensationalist culture and media these days blow things out of all proportion once they get hold of something that appears to have some worth in terms of ratings, newspaper sales or whatever else.

Now I'm going to post this before our connection dies once more. I need to get moving anyway. We're going home for a week.


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