Looking for a specific author please help!

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Posted by garyi on May 28, 2006 at 22:38:36:

Hello all.

Many moons ago I read a lot of fantasy, I have sort of dropped out of it
now but want to return to a few reads from long ago.

Thing is I can't remember the author or the book titles!

The first was a trilogy about a guy that goes to Scotland looking for his
friend, it surrounds cairns and eventually he lands up in another world.
Not very specific I know, but in the other world his friend has kind of
gone bad with power, the triology follows this guy between this other
world and his trying to grasp the crapness of the world he knew.

The other book I am looking for I am sure is buy the same author but
is more towards SF. Se tint he future a journalist is knocked out and
wakes to find himself being offered an assignment to go through a
wormhole to report on a colony recently set up on the other side.
He goes in a ship with a pretty woman, a geeky guy and the pilot. When
they arrive they find that the colony is huge and split up, one in a huge
glass dome the others across a river. Basically the story runs that the
journalist investigates and finds that the wormhole pushed them into
the future and the colony developed into a rather inverted culture,
which he lands up saving by leaving the dome, crossing the river and
eventually being picked up in balloons and taken to the 'good' part of
the colony. I remember the pilot for some reason going ferrel and
living in the woods haha.

Anyhow thats all I can remember, I especially want the single book, I
thought it was called Emporium or something like that but google and
amazon have no record.


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