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Posted by Jade on May 30, 2006 at 06:08:33:

In Reply to: Books! posted by Yaslyne on May 30, 2006 at 05:34:15:

: Ok i'm back from my interview! I think it well well..u never know with these things :D
: Wow caleyna you met your husband on this board?? thats cool:D
: as for the Liveship or Farseer series, weelll...i can't really decide you know..I enjoyed them both a lot, and the tawny Man series too, especially with Fitz coming back :)
: How about J.V. Jones? The Book of Words or the Sword of Shadows? have you guys read those?
: Oh yeah The Wheel of Time.. my brother and I were just discussing if we'll be able to see the next book..and how morbid it is that people around us care only about Robert Jordan's health only because of the story (which is getting very very long)..My first fantasy book was the Wheel of Time, 9 years ago:D, unless you count Narnia, which i read as a kid and didnt know it was fantasy or that fantasy existed..
: I'm also strictly not just a fantasy fan, but fantasy would be my favourite..I also like the classics, autobiographies, and Jeffrey Archer! but i don't know about science fiction. I think i got tricked by Tad Williams with his Otherland series..I just couldn't get through the first book but i bought all 3 just because i already had the first (i might try again).
: I thought the Da Vinci Code was pretty good too as are most of Dan Brown's other books, but i don't know what the general attitude about the DVC here is so i wont say too much..
: Erm am i talking too much? i think i'll shut up for now..
: cheers:D

I think I read the Book of Words ages ago. I thought it was an enjoyable read, but it felt kind of like it followed a fairly formulaic fantasy plot... Maybe the beginning of it was just too similar to Tad Williams' Memory Sorrow and Thorn *lol*

I recommend giving Otherland a second shot, although others here will disagree ;-) I know that I originally tried to read the first book and gave up part way through, then tried again later and for some reason ended up mesmerized.

I've never been a huge sci-fi reader in general though, but I do enjoy it on screen *g* I'm a big fan of Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy (not sci fi)... But then, I've also really gotten into dramas like Lost, Alias and 24.... and I do enjoy a bit of CSI *lol*

I enjoyed Da Vinci code, but you can see our discussion on it a few posts down on the board ;-) I think our opinions are all over the place.

As for Caly and Mike... this community is responsible for three weddings, soon to be 4!

I still have a soft spot for WoT, partly because it's responsible for this community. I think my first fantasy was the Belgariad, actually, followed by above-mentioned Memory Sorrow and Thorn (I remember lugging these massive hardcovers to school when I was 10 or 11 years old and all the other kids stared at it). Although, now that you mention it, I also would have read Narnia at a young age. And I think I read LotR fairly early too, but honestly it didn't leave a really lasting impression.

I enjoy the odd non-fantasy here and there, but not so much since university. Studying takes up so much time and energy that when I finally get a chance to read fiction I want it to be pure escapism! Also, I end up avoiding "literature" because my pleasure reading is so precious I don't want to have to actually think too hard *lol* Which is a very strange attitude, I'll admit, but I'm sticking to it! Probably once I escape from university (which will be very far away, since I'm probably going on to do a PhD) I'll broaden my horizons a bit...

Anyway... Now that I'm completely distracted from my book, it's time to watch some Veronica Mars (my new downloaded-tv obsession, at least until I finish season 2 in a few days)


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