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Posted by Otie on May 30, 2006 at 09:38:57:

In Reply to: more books! posted by Yaslyne on May 30, 2006 at 05:49:03:

Heya Yaslyne:-

You might want to get yourself a book about plants (and wildflowers, but what you really need is "plants", ie weeds) of Australia. We have a fab book here called Plants of the Coast, or some title like that. It's got photos and info of every piece of grass, fern, moss, lichen, aster (eg dandelion), pea (eg broom), rose (eg thornbush), and shrub (eg anything else that's hell-on-earth to get rid of).

Also, I like to let some plants grow until maturity so I can see a better idea of whether I like it (then I call it a wildflower) or it's ugly/invasive (then I call it a weed).

"Otie" was the name of our dear old 13-year-old pug who died in my arms on January 24, 2000, wagging his tail, smiling at me, and weezing out his last breath until his big ol' heart couldn't pump any more. I adored him. I miss him terribly. I like to think that Otie is still around me in spirit, watching over me.

Your Scrappy must be the cutest lil' thing who thinks he's really a CUTE BIG THING! Is he white or beige?

I haven't read those books -- thanks for the tips -- but back in my old dinosaur days, there used to be a series on the telly called Rich Man, Poor Man. I watched one or two of those shows.

What's wrong with reading encyclopedias? If that's being a dork, then we dorks rule!!! My latest thing is to spend hours surfing through Wikipedia entries. It keeps my braincells humming.

How's the weather down there nowadays? Is winter on the way, do you feel?

We're getting a wet spring so far, interspersed with lovely 33 degrees C Californian days. Once this current Alaskan low swirl is swooped out of here, then it's back to being Californian! (Can you tell that I'm a Weather Nut?)

xoxoxo Ruth.

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