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Posted by tink on May 31, 2006 at 20:49:38:

In Reply to: It's a little more subtle than that... posted by Genia on May 31, 2006 at 20:39:09:

Mmm... now I think I will stick with romance novels for humour purposes, at least I know those ones are always ridiculously funny


: Think of it like this. Say I am a really religious person who says to himself: "Hmm, all the literature out there is filled with immorality/immodesty/irreverency... blah blah. I don't want my kids/peers/anyone to read that stuff. I know! I'll write a story that has religious morality in it!" And that person sits down and writes this story about a girl who had no friends untill she hit the next-door neighbour church... or that girl who was so unhappy till she discovered the wonders of Islam... or that family who had more problems than holes in swiss cheese until some rabbi rectified it... You get the point.

: Then there's the "Adventure Variety". We want adventures, but they'll always be somehow connected to religious thematics, and have religious or becoming-religious characters. This genre used to flourish in the Ultra-Orthodox Judaism area for a few years... No idea what Christianity does with this one.

: The problem is, all these books and whatnot fall for the same cliches: a) If a character is nice, honest or honourable they will always, always wind up religious at the end. People who are secular and decent, or of different religion and decent almost never exist. b) There are never any dilemmas left in the end, no unsolved questions, no uncertain truths - and the book will make absolutely certain that you realize that. It'll stuff its universal truths in your face, it'll make you eat them with a spoon. It'll go on and on for pages, detaching itself from the action, to ensure that you get the point. And no, the books are not always patriotic. The ultra-orthodox literature around here is outright anti-Zionist.

: The perhaps worst part of all this is that very, very few of the people who write religious fiction are any good as writers. Perhaps religion limits your imagination, or powers of observation, but the language of the books is mostly horrendous, and the stories are so bad it's not even funny. So yeah, go ahead and grab something... My guess is, it'll make you half incredulous, half annoyed... and the third half dying of laughter.

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