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Posted by Jade on May 31, 2006 at 22:22:12:

In Reply to: Re: WoW posted by Caleyna on May 31, 2006 at 18:33:24:

: : Wow.. you know when i posted my first message my brother said don't bother because no one's gonna reply..boy was he wrong..
: : thanks you guys, for all the intros and stuff..
: : So, is the Da Vinci Code considered religious fiction? or is that a silly question with an obvious yes as an answer?
: : Also, are we allowed to talk about other sites in here? Not advertising them i mean just curious..
: : Does anyone here watch Grey's Anatomy?? I just watched the last episode of season one..wonder when they'll show season two..getting impatient already :D
: : Okay im gonna go read anna karenina now and go to sleep.. maybe i'll actually catch someone in the chat room one day :P

: : Yas

: We are always happy to see a new "face" around here. Sometimes we get so excited we scare the new people away!

: It is perfectly ok to discuss other sites. No spam, obviously, but we really do discuss just about anything.

: I noticed you mentioned the Gilmore Girls in another post. I am a huge fan, but I don't know why! Sometimes it is so bad that I cringe, but I am always back for more. I don't know what season you guys are on down in Australia so I won't say more. I am just so glad that the Pallidinos are gone. They have totally ruined the show in season 6, so I hope the new writers can clean it up in season 7 (esp since that is supposed to be the last season since the "girls" don't want to sign on for any more seasons). I don't watch much TV, just Gilmore Girls and Lost. I have become obsessed with Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galatacia as well. I am watching them on DVD and trying to get caught up. I am also just now finishing out the Bab5 series on DVD but this last season is so dull that it's killing me.

: Caleyna

the last season wasn't as good... it's because they thought they were getting canned after 4, so they panicked and tried to wrap up most of the major story arc stuff at the end of the season. Then they got renewed after all, and didn't really have enough material left *l*

I thought the last 5 episodes were really good though...

But I'm a hopeless fanatic, I loved the show *l*

hmmmm. I should be getting ready to go instead of posting. I finally get my MRI! :-p


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