Re: Season 2 spoilers and casting info for season 3

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Posted by Alle on June 01, 2006 at 07:38:46:

In Reply to: Season 2 spoilers and casting info for season 3 posted by jana on June 01, 2006 at 06:47:24:

: : I didn't actually think the Logan thing was all that rushed, maybe because I saw it coming in the prom episode when they danced. Plus the entire season I figured he wasn't really over her... I guess it's just the hopeless romantic in me!

: : Well, I thought Keith stood up Veronica for a whole *$%load of money (they still have to worry about getting her into Stanford, right?), but I suppose it's always possible there was something else in that briefcase. But since Kendall's just inherited 8 million, I'm not really sure what she'd need Keith for...

: : I felt so sorry for Weevil!! stupid stupid sherriff Lamb. *sniffle* And poor Mac! I thought her and Cassidy were just such a sweet couple. I mean, there were definitely a couple times you could sort of see Cassidy was a bit messed up, but I figured it was the sort of thing that would get resolved through romance, not blowing people up.

: : So what happens in season 3 then? Do we start over at Stanford with a whole bunch of new characters? It seems more likely she'll end up stuck in Neptune, but most of the characters still will have changed!

: : Ok, I'm going to have to try this Arrested Development thing. You're not the first one who's recommended it to me.

: : Jade

: I think it's been confirmed (not on the show, but confirmed by the creator) that Veronica's going to be at Hearst College in Neptune next year. That's where Mac and Wallace are going. Mac will hopefully become a regular next year, as well as Sheriff Lamb (both actors are in negotiations, last I heard). Duncan, Jackie and Cassidy (obviously) won't be around, but I think all the other regulars will be, except possibly Dick, not sure about him. Also, there will be three mini-arcs instead of one season long arc. Why yes, I do read too much about my favorite TV shows online. *l*

: ~jana

*g* I heard the same things about Season 3...I think it's been pretty much set up all throughout season 2 that Hearst would be where Veronica ends up.

I also heard that Mac won't be a regular most likely. The actress is a semi regular in another series and is getting some film roles too. I would love Mac to be a regular though!

Lamb too...hee!

Regarding the V/L romance...I just felt that they went from the trauma on the roof to being a couple really fast...that's what I felt was 'rushed'. They definitely still had a thing for each other all throughout the season. I just hope they make it past the summer this time. *l*


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