Veronica Mars, spoilers through the end of season 1

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Posted by Caleyna on June 02, 2006 at 14:24:19:

I just finished watching season 1 yesterday and I need more more more more more! Who was standing outside her door? Logan or Duncan? I am going to assume Duncan even though I would prefer Logan. They did a really great job of taking a reviled character and making him intriguing and sympathetic. I was a *very* surprised when he had the camera in the sex room b/c he seemed like he was trying to be so good, so it was a relief that it was all Daddy Echoll's fault. I totally didn't see that coming, though they certainly gave enough clues that he was a cold hearted psychopathic bastard.

I'm really surprised that they revealed both the murderer and V's parentage. I'm glad she's not the Kane heir, but I do wish she had a reason not to be with Duncan. They don't have any chemistry. I like her with Logan a lot better, or even with that dopey sheriff guy. I like watching the sheriff guy and trying to figure out why he is smiling so big. He always sounds like he's on the verge of laughter.

I just wonder what they are going to do in season 2 since this season wrapped up almost everything. Surely they can't spend the whole season trying to figure out what Weevil did to Logan. I was stupid and watched part of a season 2 episode that was airing last week and so I am not too much in suspsense about that, but I do want to see what happened there. Also, is V just totally done with her mom? It seems so. I can't believe she took all that money! Well, yes, I can, but it sucks! I'm so glad V sent her packing. Keith was just so miserable with her around.

I love this show! How did I miss it the first time around? I got my friend Kisha addicted to it as well and she is just finishing season 1. I am going to get her to show me how to d/l tv shows this weekend so I don't have to wait for August for my season 2 fix. Although maybe I should wait. Then I wouldn't have to wait so long for my season 3 fix. I am so glad the show didn't get cancelled!

Kristen Bell is such a great actress, too. You can't even tell it's Veronica when she is playing pre-LKmurder Veronica. I really don't like her long hair in those scenes, so I am distressed by your non-spoilers about her hair style change.

I would also like to see them pick up the story of Mac's switched at birth problem and see her connect with her birth mother. That was such a sad episode.


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