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Posted by Jade on June 03, 2006 at 05:48:32:

In Reply to: Re: Veronica Mars, spoilers through the end of season 1 posted by Alle on June 02, 2006 at 18:55:38:

: :
: : I just finished watching season 1 yesterday and I need more more more more more! Who was standing outside her door? Logan or Duncan? I am going to assume Duncan even though I would prefer Logan. They did a really great job of taking a reviled character and making him intriguing and sympathetic. I was a *very* surprised when he had the camera in the sex room b/c he seemed like he was trying to be so good, so it was a relief that it was all Daddy Echoll's fault. I totally didn't see that coming, though they certainly gave enough clues that he was a cold hearted psychopathic bastard.


: I thought it was great how they were able to keep me guessing, not only as to Lily's murderer, but regarding Logan as well. And they answered most of the pressing questions AND didn't seem to be making the story up as they went along! (Lost writers, please take note! *l*) There always seems to be such terrific continuity.

Yeah, by the time they got to the camera-in-the-pool-room scene, I was such a huge Logan fan that it really shocked me. I was desperately trying to think of ways in which it could turn out to not be Logan's fault, but I still didn't see the end coming *lol* Oh, and I agree, Duncan is boring *nods*

I thought Logan's actor just did such an incredible job with the stuff with his mom, and then he and Veronica just had such great chemistry.

: : I'm really surprised that they revealed both the murderer and V's parentage. I'm glad she's not the Kane heir, but I do wish she had a reason not to be with Duncan. They don't have any chemistry. I like her with Logan a lot better, or even with that dopey sheriff guy. I like watching the sheriff guy and trying to figure out why he is smiling so big. He always sounds like he's on the verge of laughter.


: I love to hate Sheriff Lamb. He's awesome. So is Cliff and Vinnie Van Lowe. This show has a great cast of secondary characters which really adds to the whole.

ooooh, I love Cliff. He's so funny! *lmao@TPM's post* that little poster was the funniest thing ever! And I want to see more of Vinnie too, he's just so gross and sleazy *g*

: : I just wonder what they are going to do in season 2 since this season wrapped up almost everything. Surely they can't spend the whole season trying to figure out what Weevil did to Logan. I was stupid and watched part of a season 2 episode that was airing last week and so I am not too much in suspsense about that, but I do want to see what happened there. Also, is V just totally done with her mom? It seems so. I can't believe she took all that money! Well, yes, I can, but it sucks! I'm so glad V sent her packing. Keith was just so miserable with her around.


: I hated Momma Mars...blech! And that actress does some sort of commercials and everytime I see her I think 'you stole Veronica's college money!!' *l* Okay, not really, but I hate that character.

: : I love this show! How did I miss it the first time around?

: I missed it in season 1 too. For me it was because UPN was dropped from the Hawaii market a few years back and I didn't realize that it got picked up again. Then, the channel that did pick it up showed it at 4pm, and I just forgot about it. But then I bought the DVD. I think I did see the 'Echoll's Family Christmas' episode, but didn't know anything about the plot. That turned out to be one of my favorite episodes too.

: I got my friend Kisha addicted to it as well and she is just finishing season 1. I am going to get her to show me how to d/l tv shows this weekend so I don't have to wait for August for my season 2 fix. Although maybe I should wait. Then I wouldn't have to wait so long for my season 3 fix. I am so glad the show didn't get cancelled!


: Me too! Good for you on addicted a friend! I am working on getting two new addicts added. The show really needs to get better ratings at the CW for it to survive the first part of the next season. I think showing it after Gilmore Girls should help? I hope.

: : Kristen Bell is such a great actress, too. You can't even tell it's Veronica when she is playing pre-LKmurder Veronica. I really don't like her long hair in those scenes, so I am distressed by your non-spoilers about her hair style change.

: Heh, her season 2 hair is longer, but not as long as flashback Veronica hair. It's very pretty. I just used to like all her weird ways of putting her hair back in season was very cute.

*lol* well, I do like the season 1 hair a lot better, but her season 2 hair is nothing like the flashback hair. In the flashbacks her hair is kind of big and bushy, or something. And somehow she just looks much younger! I agree, she's a great actor. Although in no way does she look even remotely like a high school student!

: : I would also like to see them pick up the story of Mac's switched at birth problem and see her connect with her birth mother. That was such a sad episode.

: : Caleyna


: Hope you learn to download! I'll be glad to get my dvds...I was able to watch season 1 as I wanted, which was great. Season 2 I had to endure all the weeks where the show was in reruns, etc, and that really broke the momentum. It will be interesting for me to be able to view season 2 all the way through with no breaks. I hate how the stations do this. Lost lost pretty much all it's momentum with the continuous reruns. There was a 3 plus month gap for Prison Break, which they are going to do again I think. It sucks. Oh well. Here's to season 3!

: Alle

I want more Mac! That thing with her real mom was so sad, especially the bits with her little sister, who was just so cool! *sniffle*

But yes, Caly, figure out downloads!! I actually dl-ed almost all of season 2 in 24 hours, but I'll admit that's pretty unusual *l* I don't know, I can fit the entire season on 2 dvds, I could send them to you!


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