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Posted by Alle on June 08, 2006 at 07:12:02:

In Reply to: ok, second question posted by Jade on June 08, 2006 at 03:41:28:

: I guess I should know better, I answered my own question with google.

: So here's what I don't get: if the scam is that you have to "pay a fee" in order to receive your lottery winnings, how much do you pay? And who on earth could possibly fall for that??? Haven't there been a gazillion documentaries or articles written about internet scams, to inform those who hadn't already figured it out?

: And why am I suddenly getting so many of them? and how do I stop them? *shakes fist at spam filters*

: *sigh* but I figure this board needs postage, so why not babble about silly things?

: I just had a fantastic halibut steak. I usually just go for the cheapest fish, but I have to admit that was pretty damn good. Mmmmm. I covered it in a sauce of lemon juice and mustard, with a tiny bit of soy sauce and plenty of thyme and rosemary.

: But now it's time to read my book! Especially since I decided today it was too heavy to take on the bus as commute-reading, so I've been deprived all day!

: Jade

I guess since it costs the spammers nothing and if one person falls for it, then hey. I hate spam and spammers with a passion. I get about 1,000 a week...luckily it all goes directly to my junk mail folder and deleted. It's crazy.

Hmmm...halibut is good! What book are you reading? I just finished the newest Charles de Lint book called Widdershins. It started out really good and then just got a bit dull and maybe preachy at the end. Preachy isn't the right word though. Anyway, it was okay.


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