I think I may be a TV addict

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Posted by Caleyna on June 09, 2006 at 19:19:58:

This past television season I only watched two shows as they came out--Lost and Gilmore Girls. I would record a few others to watch during nap time, but they were nothing I *had* to see.

All of a sudden my friend Kisha teaches me the art of downloading and I can't stop watching!

I am up to season 2 episode 9 of Veronica Mars. I love love love this show. I would say more but it would be spoilers and people would have a hard time not responding probably. It is so dark this time! Logan Logan Logan. What are you doing? Duncan? You are an evil boy. At least Logan is transparent in his jackassery.

I am also watching Big Love but it's hard to do b/c not very many of the shows are available. I had a very odd moment yesterday watching two of the teen characters talk because something just seemed odd. Then I realized the actresses were both on Veronica Mars. It was odd to see Lilly Kane and Mac talking Mormon policies together.

I'm going to get to see more of Big Love next week. The cable company called and offered a package deal including digital phone services, HBO, on demand and all that. It is going to be cheaper than our current phone/cable set up so we are going with it. I can't wait! What other good shows should I be watching on pay channels?

When oh when is season 2 of Joan of Arcadia going to be on DVD? I told Mike I know why they are having a delay. They are goign to surprise us with a special DVD only mini-series deal that ties up all the loose ends. I wish I wish I wish. Bah. I still hate CBS.

And now I have to go change a stinky French cheese diaper. I am so sick of MisterE being sick.

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