Must Decompress: VM Spoilers through end of season 2

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Posted by Caleyna on June 14, 2006 at 04:00:00:

This is from an e-mail I just wrote to my VM buddy but I had to post it here too. I finished the series this morning and have been in a state of denial and shock all day. How can it be over? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more.

Yowsers! It was Beaver! I always thought he was pretty sketchy and that whole thing with getting mad at Mac for talking to Veronica was weird, but this? THIS???? And he raped Veronica???

It wasnít as satisfying an ending as the first season finale somehow, but it was still pretty damned good. I heart Logan. He is so bad and I know I shouldnít like him, but I do! He saved my Veronica. I want to kiss him. Donít tell Mike.

I canít believe Lamb didnít let Weevil walk. I thought Veronica was going to step in but I guess there was nothing she could do. Bastard!

I never really thought Keith was dead, but my heart was in the pit of my stomach until they showed him alive and well. It was cool that it was Logan who saved Veronica this time instead of her father (though why does she suddenly need saving? Ok, so she is very independent and rarely needs saving. Sheís not exactly a damsel in distress very often so I can let that go).

Duncan is ruthless. Yikes. But Aaron deserved to die. I just want to know what he had Kendall put in Loganís shower drain. That was bizarre. Thatís not exactly the ideal place for a bug.

I was totally shocked by the Jackie reveal, but I guess that little waitressing snippet was some good foreshadowing. I wonder how long they had that planned, for, though since the only hint we got was in the episode prior. Maybe the actress got a better deal somewhere else.

Poor, poor Mac. Iím glad Beaver didnít kill her and frankly I never thought he would. Why should he? Veronica panicked a little too quickly there and Iím not sure she needed to.

As youíve mentioned before, this was just a totally dark season and very brutal. I canít wait for next season but a little lightening wouldnít go amiss. Also, they better give me some Veronica/Logan love in more than just the first episode!

You know what? I kind of liked Butters even if he was totally weird.

Next season is going to be odd with Veronica off at college (Hearst I assume). I guess she will still be living at home, but we will meet new cast members at the college. Wallace and Mac and Logan better still be around, though. The writers on this show are smart, so Iím sure it will be another great season. I just canít believe some of the jokes they get away with *lol* I wonder if theyíll have to tone it down for the new network.

How am I going to survive this summer with no more Veronica? I already miss her. I guess Iím going to have to do something productive like write a Mosaic Minds article or three.

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