Re: Must Decompress: VM Spoilers through end of season 2

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Posted by Alle on June 14, 2006 at 06:38:49:

In Reply to: Re: Must Decompress: VM Spoilers through end of season 2 posted by TPM on June 14, 2006 at 05:18:52:

: You at least had the luxury of watching everything all at once. Imagine trying to wait week after week after week after week after week for a one hour slice... *lol*

Worse still was when they didn't show a new episode for several was really hard to keep everything straight.

: I personally thought that the Beaver twist was too out of the blue and a bit unsatisfying, but that's probably because I was tired and such and didn't pay too close attention. When vacation starts, I'm definitely going to give Season 2 another spin so I could really get a the nuances of everything.

I totally agree, and hope that I'll catch some things I missed the first time when I watch the dvd. I know there were a few things that showed Beaver was more then we were led to believe. Remember when he gets back at Dick by hiring the transvestite guy? Dick was going to beat the crap out of him, but then Beaver said something (and I can't recall what it was exactly) and Dick backed off. So he had something on Dick. Still, I just didn't get his motivation for killing all those didn't ring true that he would casually let others die, who had nothing to do with his secret.

: Part of the charm of Lamb is that he's a total jerk, although that Weevil scene was pretty sad. Still, Lamb participated in the greatest visual gag ever in the "She's 18. It's Legal. Vote for Don Lamb."

That was one of the funniest things ever. I love to hate Lamb!

: I was under the impression that Kendall took a hair or something from Logan's shower, not plant something. My memory's fuzzy, but I'm sure that the hair was somehow connected to Aaron's case. I'd have to watch again to make sure...

He had Kendall take a piece of Duncan's hair...she was in Duncan's bathroom. The hair was then planted on the Oscar that was allegedly the murder weapon. Which leads one to believe that the hotel maids sucked...Duncan had been gone for a while and there was still a hair to be found. Yuck.

: And speaking of Aaron, I'm fairly convinced that the whole Clarence shoots Aaron was a setup for an inside gag. When Clarence calls Duncan, their conversation went like this:

: Duncan: CW?
: Clarence: It's a done deal.

: CW is the new merged network of UPN and WB and there had been speculation as to whether Veronica Mars would be one of the shows that would make it onto the network.

: Veronica will end up at Hearst, will still have her buddy Wallace, and remember that fraternity rape mystery episode? There's the new season arc. Neat how they package these things, huh?

heh, but first they better deal with what was in that damn briefcase! And Logan and Veronica better still be a couple. *nods*

: It became something of a running gag on the Television Without Pity boards, where everyone was convinced that the censors basically gave up on the show and let them run amok with sexual innuendos galore.

heh, I love me some twop! *g* And they sure did run amok with the innuendos! Even more so then with Buffy...

: You know, you could always go back and watch the episodes again. In particular, watch the episode where Veronica tries to track down Abel Koontz's daughter. The rental car manager is Joss Whedon *G*.


Joss looked so incredibly geeky in his role! *lol*

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