Library, oh library...

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Posted by Jade on June 20, 2006 at 06:39:08:

I badly need the library *g* I haven't had anything to read in weeks! I've just been so busy! Sadly, not with anything all that memorable. Today I just got home a bit late, and would probably have been too lazy anyway.

We tried to take our first real set of data today, on a real sample. It turns out our real sample is a crazy unpredictable sample, and our data make no sense. It's possible they make no sense in a way that is significant in some exciting physics way, but I doubt it *lol* I'm pretty sure it's more a "we're doing something wrong" way.

As well as a trip to the library, I need to cook my chicken *nods* I have a bunch of hind-quarters (the best part!) sitting and marinating in a yummy yummy sauce I made, and I meant to cook it tonight, but it'll have to keep till tomorrow! I'm debating pulling out the barbecue, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I'd have to, you know, clean the grill *g*

Anyway, I'm busy burning a dvd, and I can't really turn on any tv downloads till its done, so here I am instead. But I've been downloading faster than I can watch-burn-delete! I downloaded myself down to 1 GB of hard drive space left today, so now I have urgent burning on my hands. But I found a user this morning with a 150 kb/s speed, what else was I supposed to do? Naturally, I queued him up for half a season!

Um, anyway. I suppose that's terribly thilling, isn't it...

But I do have thrilling news, of a sort. I can actually sit through a 2 hour movie without having to take codeine beforehand. And it's uncomfortable by the end, but I can walk it off in 10 minutes. And I seem to be capable of carrying a couple of hardcovers more than a block. Plus, I'm no longer spending each work day just waiting for my chance to go home. And I can even enjoy a couple hours at the bar with friends afterwards!

And almost better than all those things (not really as important, but it's quite a victory), I can actually bend over and touch my toes, and 4 times out of 5 it feels more or less normal. Even though I don't think I can actually reach my toes anymore *g*

cortisone, oh cortisone... *sigh*

It's probably a surprise to most of you that this is exciting news... But I haven't been able to do any of these things for about two months. Or longer. And it will only last a few months, but at the moment, I really don't give a damn!

If I get to stop taking anything in my pharmacy collection, it'll be even more exciting, but I'm not sure that's likely any time soon.

Anyway, I'm almost done burning my 2nd DVD now *g* I want to go camping this weekend, if I can convince anyone with a tent they want to go with me! Not that I'm going to be carrying anything on this camping trip, but that won't stop me.... camping! with a book, presuming I can get to the library. Or even better, with pen and notebook and maybe some writing.

Now if only other people would post.

Down with the Hurricanes!!

Let's go England! Kick Sweden's Butt! :-p @ Mikey


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