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Posted by Caleyna on June 25, 2006 at 01:46:04:

This was posted in the chat by Tallon, but it is Saturday Night so I know it won't stay there. I'm going to post it here so the people she wants to see it will see it. Tallon, let me know if you prefer me to delete it.

Her message:

Tallon: Well this gonna be my last time on for quite some time,so I thought Id share a few things with those who would care! First off life is not a fantasy, nothing ever seems to end happily ever after! I was strong but I let my guard down, I let someone into my story book world, my life, my happiness and gave them my love, all of it! Like a bull in a china shop, my life is wreaked! Thing is I should be able to let go, but I cant, I just cant seem to find it in my weakened heart to quit letting myself be taken advantage of, Im loosing my will to continue, have actually toyed with the idea of death, but I just dont have the guts, so on I go, I run from the proublem, Im sure it will follow, it always follows! Others dont help, they just see a smiling face and think Im full of crap, but Im not! When they leave it all starts up again, not physically THANK GOD, but mentally! I really dont have a clue anymore! You think you know someone and the whole time all you are is a tool, a resource and a comfort when THEY need it! I swear I wish someone would just shoot me and end it all, I really do! I think I use to be fun, now I dont eat, sleep, or ever do anything! Haveing to move back to the boonies this week, and wont be able to afford to hook up this sword anymore after the 30th of June> I will be back on twice more around 8 or 9pm EST on the 28th and 29th! Sorry to dump on ya'll like this, but I always had fun here and I didnt know where else to go or who to talk to! Hey to all my friends; Bubba, Pat, Hostile, Cally and everyone else who remembers me and will remember me!!!!!!! 6/24/06 12:27pm EST Hugs & Waves to all! Luv Yall Tallon Chasey Hunter

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