Re: A penny for your thoughts

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Posted by Jade on June 28, 2006 at 07:40:47:

In Reply to: A penny for your thoughts posted by SS on June 27, 2006 at 18:42:07:

1) that should be 5 pennies for our thoughts then shouldn't it? *g*

2) 5 pennies = a nickel. If I had a nickel for every time ___________ I'd be a millionaire

3) Wouldn't that be nice?

4) Apparently the way to meet someone is to take a straight friend out to a dyke bar and have her introduce me to her high school friend?

5) I've booked my trip to see family! woohoo! please please please let us have time to have a good trip to my uncle's farm... I want nothing more than to just chill out for a few days in the middle of the country!

oh, and blech to instant coffee *g* I usually make bodem/french press in the morning, but when I don't have time sometimes I get drip from starbucks. And when I'm terribly sleep deprived or loopy or just really really need to read a lot of papers, I might ~also~ have an espresso-machine coffee at work. It's very very yummy, but that's some desperation, because if I add that to what I've already had it equals a really wacko mental state.

I am needing more and more coffee these days though. Partly because of one stupid medication, and maybe also just because. Today I made a double espresso (we have an awesome grinder and espresso machine at work), but when I went to get milk to make cappuchino there wasn't any. Mmmm, straight espresso.


: 1. strange (and gross) but true - licking mozzie bites stops the itching like nothing else here will O.o

: 2. 40 chinese words memorised, 100 to go

: 3. i can't sit still for more than half an hour *fidgets*

: 4. there's a pack of cigarettes on my desk and the longer i study the more i'm tempted :/

: 5. how do you drink your coffee? i have two spoons of coffee, two spoons of hot chocolate and two spoons of sugar. and lots of milk.

: tell me the top 5 thoughts on your mind :)

: SS

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