i do have sympathy!

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Posted by Jaleely on June 28, 2006 at 23:24:14:

In Reply to: I will never win any graceful contests posted by Jeffiner on June 28, 2006 at 17:14:21:

I'll tell you what though, how about i tell you the first couple times i spranged my ankle.
Let's see, it was the first day of senior year in high school...about 1500 students seated in the bleachers, while the seniors are presented in a big hooplah...we were supposed to walk across the feild, and head up to the top of the bleachers, etc....well me, i was wearing this nice white summer dress with big flowers on it...i was very recognizeable.
We all smile and get all the way across the feild..we're now very close to the bleachers, all that's left is to step over the little concrete barrier that seperates the football feild from the runners track that surrounds it!
Well, the girl in front of me stops abruptly, totters around, and then moves...meanwhile, i had to shorten my step...landing my foot in a ditch that was right before the concrete step thing, and my momentem still carring me forward, and leaving my poor foot behind me.
So, big white dress girl is very plainly seen flying across the track. I heard a little laughing.
The cool part was trying to make it up the about 50 stairs so we could even get off the feild. And trying not to hobble pathetically. My shin was pretty torn up too, from being bent across this concrete step thing.
Anyway, i don't remember too much after that, and with the exception of break time later that day, and a sweet little -freshman- running by me with his friend and laughing and shouting "Hey nice trip, See you next fall!" which actually just make me laugh with it's patheicness...there were no reprocussions except a nice ankle brace.

Oh, i was voted most accident prone in our yearbook that year!
When i was still a junior, right before summer leading up to that incident, i'd actualy fallen down two steps, in the dark, making my way to the gym for an all night chior dance-a-thon.
That was awesome too! I know right after that i hurt my ankle again, but i can't remember how...must not have been embarrasing : )

Do you feel a little better? It could always have been worse!!!

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