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Posted by Patrick on July 21, 2006 at 21:52:32:

In Reply to: Serious Question Of The Day ... (txt) posted by Conundrum on July 21, 2006 at 16:10:08:

Yes, I do think they should be publicly named, depending on the severity of the crime. As far as "kid's stuff" goes (shoplifting candy bars, spray-painting a fence, etc.), I think it's prudent to keep the offender's name private. But if it turns from minor mischief to actual violent felony, then no. If a kid is committing rape, arson, battery or armed robbery, why should they be treated like anything less than a felon?

We just had a horrible case here in Wichita where a 17 year old contracted two hitmen to murder his pregnant 14 year old girlfriend, because he was afraid of being charged with statutory rape once the child was born (statutory rape in Kansas is defined as someone over the age of consent (16) having sexual relations with someone under the age of consent).

Well, the idiot is now charged with statutory rape, murder, and conspiracy to commit murder. He pleaeded guilty last week and ratted out his co-conspiritors (and good riddence to them all). His name was not protected because the courts decided to charge him as an adult due to the gravity of the crimes. I think it would have been wrong to keep his name and charges private.

If kids are raping, murdering, burglarizing, robbing, and battering, no, they don't deserve any special treatment because they are kids. If they commit adult crimes, let them be treated as adult criminals.


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