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Posted by Jaleely on July 22, 2006 at 11:13:01:

In Reply to: Serious Question Of The Day ... (txt) posted by Conundrum on July 21, 2006 at 16:10:08:

you know, i tend to think that privacy is really the best thing. my business is no one else' where is the line drawn? probably when there is a mentality that poses a threat to the people around them. it really becomes public business then. Still, it's hard to say.
I want to say "heck yes i'd want to know who did what so i can avoid and judge them!" which just popetuates the "mob mentality".
because, i frankly really would feel that's what they deserve! still doesn't really make it right. two wrongs don't make a right...
but let's look at the percentage of people who commit a crime, and then commit's probably safer if people DID know who they were. very, VERY few people are rehabilitated.

so, it's just a safety issue for the public norm to know...
but what defines slander, too? one mistake to lable someone for life? well, depends on the severity of the mistake, too!

wow, so i basically just described how i'm straddling the fence, but if information was presented to me, i'd follow the normal reaction to it!
Still, in conclusion, perhaps if people knew that after one certain offense, or two, that their name would be shouted out for life, perhaps they wouldn't do the offence to begin with. it's part of the punishment! people do know right from wrong. I mean, a two year old knows right from wrong, and what "no" means. there's no reason other than mental instability for crimes and injustices. so, perhaps it's best if people know, because privacy is a privlidge given up after repeat or serious crimes!
(excuse spelling, it's late, im' tired and just felt like posting *lol*)

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