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Posted by Louis on July 26, 2006 at 23:22:12:

I guess it could probably be a serious QotD, but I wouldn't want to hijack Con's idea too much.

The inspiration behind this particular QotD is something from my work. The pharmacy that I work in as the pharmacist in charge operates a needle exchange service, as well as dispensing and supervising the administration of methadone when it's needed. We don't do a lot really, being quite well away from any really proper big cities and stuff. We do have a bit though, and it's getting to be more of a problem, even here. I have worked in other pharmacies in the past that dealt with a lot more drug misusers, including the store where I did my year of pre registration training, prior to qualifying as a pharmacist.

Anyway, since the amount we deal with it in my current location has increased recently and we've also taken on quite a few new staff of late, my manager and I decided it would be a good idea to get some proper training for the staff from one of the people running the local scheme. We had that training tonight and I'm just not sure that all the staff really support what we do with it. I know it's controversial, especially due to recent problems that have occurred in Scotland where kids have overdosed on their parents' methadone. Pharmacies running needle exchange schemes in the past have had to discontinue it in places like parts of Wales due to local opposition when it has become widely known about and turned into a local issue.

So, my question is:

Do you support or agree with the provision of services like needle exchange and methadone dispensing/supervision from pharmacies and/or other places?

I'm not really sure what the situation is with these things in the US admittedly, but from a quick search on our friend Google it seems it is at least as controversial as here, maybe more and apparently Bush isn't keen on needle exchange at least. I'll be interested to see what people think. I might post my own views in more detail later, but they're probably pretty evident I guess.

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