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Posted by Patrick on July 27, 2006 at 02:20:21:

In Reply to: QotD posted by Louis on July 26, 2006 at 23:22:12:

To be honest, I think the whole "War on Drugs" thing is fatally flawed. There are more people using narcotics and other illicit drugs today than there were before the "War" began, and a whole new underground economy has developed around drugs in the US, complete with organized crime and the attendant violence. Our prisons are overflowing because of (mostly nonviolent) drug offenders being incarcerated, while our law enforcement waste time, money, and resources on drug raids (the vast majority of which are conducted upon people who are neither selling drugs nor involved in the violence) all the while rates of truly violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, etc.) continue to rise in many places.

I think that all drugs should basically be decriminalized. If the government wants to regulate them, that's fine and workable. But to work actively to ban them has been 100% counterproductive.

Drugs are bad, make no mistake. I had a cousin who died from complications of lifelong heroin addiction. But it's not the government's business to eliminate personal behavior like this, especially when such attempts at elimination have resulted in so much violence and ruination of lives and livelihood.

But to answer the QotD, yes, I think needle exchanges and methadone programs are acceptable and indeed commendable. Efforts should be made, of course, to fight addiction and to counsel addicts, but if we look at the problem honestly, not every addict is going to want that. It's not the government's job to do this, either, though. Such programs should be run by private organizations.

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