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Posted by Jade on July 29, 2006 at 07:46:29:

In Reply to: Re: QotD posted by Otie on July 27, 2006 at 22:51:27:

: Yes.

: Vancouver, "The Drug Capital of Canada" since the opium days of the 19th century, on through the junk, speed, and crack days of the '60s through current years, has seen a huge improvement since those services were set up.

: There's one fairly close to my home here in Van's suburb of Surrey, well organized and regulated jointly by the province authorities (Ministry of Health), the national police, the local civic government, and the Food Bank. I watched it in operation regularly last year when I looked after my gardening plot at the Food Bank's Community Gardens next door to it.

: In conjunction with these services, the Ministry has set up a rehab service. My childhood friend Lenny went through there successfully last February, then stayed at our place for a month before getting back into employment. And my brother's brother-in-law just got out of the same place -- He's 52, been addicted since his 20s, doing well now at last.

: With the federal police's support and very active organization input: YES.

: :-) Ruth.

I would add that Vancouver recently installed a free safe injection site where people can go to use their drugs and be provided with clean needles, and also with information abou rehab programs if they're interested.

If you want to talk controversy, then I'd bet things are waayyy more controversial in the states than in Europe. Canada's way better than the US, but in general probably not as good as parts of Europe. Vancouver's a little ahead of the country just in setting up the injection site as it is, but there was plenty of opposition to it.

I recently read an article that basically said the place is actually doing exactly the things it was supposed to do, and not having all the negative effects the naysayers were predicting. Apparently the costs are higher than anticipated (but when are they not?), but there's been no raise in crime in the area (if anything it's improved), and more and more people are going there instead of shooting up on the streets.

Hell, yes, I support these programs. I agree with Pat. You'd think people would have learned their lesson from the prohibition. I think decriminalization would make many things safer, and the money could be put into improving options for rehabilitating people and regulating drugs instead of chasing after addicts.


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