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Posted by jana on September 28, 2006 at 02:54:59:

In Reply to: Gilmore Girls Season 7, ep 1 spoilers! posted by Caleyna on September 27, 2006 at 20:27:07:

As a TV addict I should be able to manage some TV show discussion even though I've been so bad about posting for the last three years or so. *g*

I thought that last night's episode was great. Along with every other fan of the show, I was worried about it having a new showrunner, but I think it may be a welcome change. The feel of it, to me, was all the good stuff of earlier seasons with none of the weighing down of last season. (As bad as last season got, though, it's still season 4 that's my least favorite - what a boring season!) All the Rory/Lorelai scenes were right on, very funny and charming. I loved the Paris scene, but I love Paris. I thought that I did see Lane in her usual spot in the credits, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. I wish that we'd seen her and the elder Gilmores, but there are so many great characters to fit in that I've gotten used to some of them not appearing in every episode - I'd rather have it this way then jam them in when there's not a good place for them. If we don't have them next week, though, then I'll start to get annoyed.

If this is the last season, I think there's a very good chance that we'll get a wedding at the end of it. I read in an interview with the new showrunner that he does think that Luke and Lorelai should be together, so I'd say that's a very good sign. And there will be lots of cheated fans if it doesn't turn out that way!

I've never really been a Logan fan, but I did like all the rocket stuff. Of course what I really liked about it were the hilarious conversations that Rory and Lorelai had about it, so that doesn't actually have anything to do with Logan himself. I no longer think that Logan is the complete jerk richboy that I used to have him pegged for (or at least he seems to be willing to be better around Rory), but I'm still disappointed that it's looking like he's probably the one that she's going to end the show with, if this is the last season. I always liked Marty (aka Naked Guy, appeared in a few early college episodes), I wonder what ever happened to him. I think I may have read that he'll be showing up this season, but it didn't sound like it would be as a love interest. Who knows, though.


: If we aren't going to discuss books, we might as well discuss TV shows, right?

: How to describe this episode?

: Heartwrenching!

: It was so awful to see Loralie know she screwed up so badly and trying to spin it like she was mad at Luke. Of course she WAS mad at him, but you could tell she was angry at herself for sleeping with Chris. I hate him! He knows she loves Luke and he knew if he slept with her it would ruin her life. Can I punch him? Please?

: I am just glad Lor told Luke at the end of the episode. If it really is the last season I just don't know how they could end up happy if Luke found out half-way through the season. Now they have a whole season to work it out and get back together. It's interesting that in the Ross and Rachel debate I always took Rachel's side, but in this one even though they were sort of on a break I want to take Loralie's side. I can't really do that though b/c what an awful thing to do, even if she was drunk. Poor Luke! (Ok, so poor old Luke, before some weird Luke pod took over last season).

: I just hope the new writers are able to revive the characters. Last season was so utterly ridiculous. You KNOW there is no way Luke or Lor would have been acting like that. Stupid stupid stupid. As I posted on someone's LJ, I'd like to pull out the old writers' nose hairs one by painful one.

: The Rory/Logan storyline didn't give me a thrill at all. Neither did Paris. I missed Lane and noticed she was not in the opening credits. Where were Richard and Emily? We needed some Emily zingers.

: Hopefully it will be all uphill from here, but I guess we have to sit through a few episodes of Lor and Chris together with Lor and Luke fighting. They have more chemistry when they are fighting, I guess, but we better have a wedding at the end of this season!

: Caleyna

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