BSG, season 3, episode 1 SPOILERS!!!

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Posted by Caleyna on October 08, 2006 at 05:56:21:

Whew! What a wild ride! I was so depressed when the episode was over. Mankind is in some serious trouble now, but I guess all isn't lost since they gave a huge freakin' spoiler in the preview with Laura still being around.

So is the baby really Kara's? I don't think so. Unless Jani is right and they can speed up the aging process, isn't the baby way too old? She looked like she was at least three, but by my not-so-precise calculations Boomer's child is right around 2 years old and there is no way Kara's could be older than that.

It was so gutwrenching to watch Ducky carry out the suicide bombing. Why didn't some one tell him to only go through with it if Baltar was there? I am so sick of Tigh. He does not have a mind for war or tactics. He's too one sided. I am all for a resistance movement, but is he blind??? Can't he see it is making their conditions much, much worse instead of better? Of course this whole thing is just a big commentary on the state of our world today, or at least that's how I'm taking it. The whole "we are here to teach you about the love of our God so you better fall in line and get it or we'll kill you" is so impossible for me to understand yet I know it's the motivation behind too many wars.

I guess this season is not going to be focused on romantic entaglements since everyone is all hitched up. That was a surprise.

I wonder why Lee is so mad at Kara. Because she left Galactica to settle on New Caprica? Or because he was secretly in love with her. It is freaky how much he and Anders look alike. When I was watching the summary show the other day (before I watched the end of season 2) I thought she actually was with Lee.

How is Kara going to get out of that situation she's in? Yikes! I'm so glad the cylon doesn't seem to be raping her, but still. . . yucko! I cringed when she reached out and held his hand. He's the one she tortured, right? And now he's in love with her? Why isn't he in all the big cylon meetings?

I almost laughed when Tom told Laura he wished she woudl have stolen the election. Doesn't everyone? Of course! If she really would have done it he'd be the one crying foul the loudest. Hindsight is 20/20. I bet even Gaius wishes she would have won.

OK, I just took an hour break from writing this thanks to Erik and now I can't remember anything I said or anything else I wanted to say. Cally better be alive! That's all I know.

I can't believe it is midnight and the boy is still awake. Don't they make sleeping pills for naughty 1 year olds?


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